What is included:

Initial consultation and routine antenatal visits as described below, delivery and Consultant’s mobile number.

From 12 weeks: £6,500
– Visits at 12-22-28-32-36-38-40 weeks
– Delivery and one postnatal visit

From 28 weeks: £5,500
– Visits at 28-32-36-38-40 weeks
– Delivery and one postnatal visit

From 32 weeks: £5000
– Visits at 32-36-38-40 weeks
– Delivery and one postnatal visit

From 36 weeks: £4,500
– Visit at 36-38-40 weeks
– Delivery and one postnatal visit

2. HOSPITAL FEES (separate from Doctor’s fees)

– Two nights: £4,950
– Three nights: £5,950
– Any additional night £650

3. ANAESTHETIC FEE (if needed, separate from Obstetric fees): £750

4. ADDITIONAL SERVICES (not linked to a delivery package)

   Many parents want a reassurance growth scan or a visit to discuss concerns about their pregnancy, without necessarily planning to have private care.
    Growth ultrasound scans: £250
    Consultation visit: £250

  • Following the initial antenatal appointment, if you wish to be booked with Mr Kametas, a deposit of 50% of his fees is required to be paid by the 20th week of your pregnancy, or after the first visit if this occurs after 20 weeks. The final balance of the fees is due by the 36th week of your pregnancy.
  • For patients covered under a medical insurance, please note that most UK insurance companies do not cover maternity care. In these cases, the fees should be settled in full prior to delivery and we would then help you to recover any funds from your insurers.
  • All the above packages include an initial “Meet and Greet” consultation
  • At this meeting, the parents and Dr Kametas will discuss care during pregnancy and delivery. A quick reassurance scan may be performed if indicated and the pregnancy is deemed to be after 8 weeks gestation.
  • Antenatal consultations take place within the state-of-the-art purpose-built building for Antenatal Care at the Fetal Medicine Research Institute, Windsor Walk.
  • Antenatal classes are strongly recommended, especially for first time parents. They usually take place after 32 weeks. There are many options both for individual or group classes. Please ask us during your appointments for NHS or privately arranged classes. Privately arranged classes are more flexible and can be tailored to your antenatal visits.