As an experienced and senior obstetric doctor, Dr Kametas provides support and reassurance for parents to enjoy their unique journey during pregnancy.
After an initial “meet and greet” meeting, regular consultations tailored to individual parents’ needs are planned.

Pregnancy is a physiological condition leading to the birth of a new life. The mother’s body undergoes substantial changes in order to provide the baby with all necessary nutritional and developmental needs. It is a unique opportunity for the parents to cherish this experience and bond with the baby. In the vast majority of cases, it has a low-risk course and the parents will have a lovely experience. Rarely however, complications can arise during pregnancy or labour. Many of these can be dealt with easily provided they are identified and managed as early as possible.

Dr Kametas is a strong believer of continuity of care during pregnancy and an advocate of informed choice. Frequent visits and accessibility provide reassurance and confidence to the parents. Evidence based discussions in a relaxed atmosphere allow parents to take decisions feeling that they are well informed.
For a timeline of antenatal visits and ultrasound scans please follow this link.