Mr Kametas is a fetal medicine specialist with 20 years’ extensive experience in monitoring baby’s growth and wellbeing by ultrasound examination.
During pregnancy he provides the following types of scans:

Reassurance Scan before 22 weeks of pregnancy

This is not typically offered early in pregnancy. However, some parents may need the reassurance in case of vaginal bleeding or having been unwell. Dr Kametas would measure the growth of the baby, the location of the placenta and the amniotic fluid. The measurements will be plotted on a graph and a report will be provided.

Wellbeing Scan or Fetal Growth Scan with Doppler studies after 24 weeks

These scans are usually performed every 4-weeks during the pregnancy. During this scan Dr Kametas would assess the growth of the baby, by measuring the size of baby’s head, abdomen and limbs, and estimate baby’s weight. The amount of amniotic fluid around the baby and the blood flows towards the placenta, inside the umbilical cord and baby’s body provide additional reassurance on baby’s growth.

These scans can be performed ad-hoc, when a specific concern arises or routinely every 4-weeks from 24 weeks onwards until 41 weeks of pregnancy.